Our proven approach provides creative, sustainable and engaging outcomes for all landscape planning, design and management projects.

Residential Project Approach

We provide a staged design approach that involves you and interprets your ideas and requirements into custom-designed creative landscapes.

Our residential design services begin with a briefing meeting where we meet at your property to discuss your ideas and assess your current landscape. We use this information to develop an understanding of your garden and your requirements.

We commence the design by setting up base information such as your house design and property information. We then look at how spaces are used, develop themes and show images to help explain what our ideas would look like.

We meet with you to discuss our ideas and get your feedback.

We then develop the design to clearly show a concept for your outdoor spaces such as entertaining areas, pool, structures and plant arrangements. The concept is documented in CAD and is not endorsed for construction.

We meet with you again to go through the concept.

If our design service includes a planting plan, the planting plan documents the plant species with plant tags, a plant schedule and planting notes.

The construction documentation stage resolves the design to fully meet building codes and standards and documents construction details and materials. A feature and level survey, engineering design or a Building Permit may be needed.

We meet with you to explain the documentation.

We can provide day-to-day management of the construction process or provide an as-required construction advice service. With our construction management experience, your project will run smoothly and costly construction mistakes can be avoided.

Town Planning Project Approach

We work with a network of professionals to provide high quality landscape plans. We also offer detailed VCAT expert evidence statements and expert witness services to provide the best possible outcomes for your project.

Our experience extends to over 2000 town planning projects ranging from apartments, medium density housing, commercial and retail projects, rural & green wedge projects, single dwellings and subdivision streetscapes.

We have developed an approach to design and documentation that considers the Planning Scheme, Council documentation guidelines, the Permit Conditions, reports from other professionals, our assessment of the site and your requirements. Our design approach reconciles all of these requirements to a conceptual level of detail required by Council. The plan is not intended for construction, but you have the option to add extra construction detail at a later date and not conflict with the endorsed plan.

If your project receives objections or a refusal from Council, you may end up at VCAT. We can provide a landscape expert evidence statement in VCAT format and appear at VCAT under cross examination as an expert witness. Our detailed expert evidence statements have been developed over many years to provide a comprehensive assessment of landscape issues, landscape character and the design response. With the detailed expert evidence statement and high quality landscape design, our design package offers a resolved response that improves your case at VCAT.

Large Project Approach

We work with Government Authorities and a network of planning, design and construction clients to foster site responsive outcomes and to facilitate positive change for all landscape planning, design and management projects.

We treat every project as unique and adopt a proven decision making process of analysis and assessment with the aim of harnessing opportunities and resolving issues and constraints.

Our aim is to sensitively interpret the inherent values of the landscape in creative ways that fully addresses issues such as sustainability, social engagement, construction quality and maintenance.